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Oi, Niou. Happy birthday. No cake for you. You're not a big baby like Aka-chan.

Got you a new pair of boxers instead... Hell, I'm getting you a whole box. You need them.

Oh, and thanks for letting me crash. Think it's safe to go back to my room now.
So An-chan and I agreed. If our kid's a girl, we're going to name her 'Suzu'. Bell. Goes well with my name, doesn't it~? ♥

For a guy though... we couldn't agree on anything! If it's a boy, I want to name him 'Ichigo'. You know, from BLEACH. He's cool. Plus... Strawberry. What name could be cooler than that?

An-chan doesn't like it. She likes 'Kenta'. Healthy and plump? Meh... it's boring. ( ̄へ ̄)


Other than Mom complaining we made her a granny too early, all's good~! Even the twins are excited to be uncles... Even offered to share rooms again just to have a nursery at home. Awww~ sweet little monsters, those two. ♥ Sayuri-'kaasan and Yusuke-'tousan are amazing people, really. They gave me the time of the day to explain myself and stuff... They have nothing to worry 'bout though. I always keep my word when I'm being serious. So, life's good~

But that's just me.

Yukimura. Sanada. Yanagi. Yagyuu. Asshole. Aka-brat. Baldy. WHERE ARE YOU PEOPLE?

It's been like... forever since I saw/heard/felt/smelt some of you. What's up with you guys? If everyone's in town, I propose going out to the nearest yakiniku shop and having a yakiniku party~ like the old times!

PrivateCollapse )

[ooc: Private is easily accessible to Renji of course~! Marui'd come knocking sometime to talk about it to him anyway... ^^;  And I know we're missing Jackal and just lost Yagyuu? but this is Marui missing his 'other' brothers a little too much... ^^;]


F... For real? Like ... seriously seriously?

...Oh god. Oh my freakin' god...

I'm.... going to be a... a... dad?!


This calls for a celebration~! :*.;".*・;・^;・:\(*^▽^*)/:・;^・;・*.";.*:  Yo, minna! Let's go out drinking tonight! It's on me~OH, WAIT. Let's go out some other time!

I'll have to take my princess (or two of them~) somewhere special to celebrate!  ♥

Sep. 25th, 2009

Hey, bratling! Happy birthday. Here's my gift to ya.

Everything's eatable, from the fondant-covered butter cake head, to the sugar-glass, down to the chocolate pound cake base. 

Enjoy~! ♥

Aug. 16th, 2009

I'm never going to leave Japan again. I don't care how fancy other countries are, people here are a lot less insane.

Uh... yeah. I'm back. Took a two-month long course in France and then made a detour in Australia a few days ago. But that's enough world tour to last me good many years. Not worth all the sight-seeing when people 'round you are nut-jobs...

The only time I enjoyed that place was when I met up with buchou! Hey, Yukimura~! Thanks for dropping by those last few days and for chasing off that crazy fangirl even for a short while. Lemme have copies of our pictures there, yeah? (^___^)v

So how's everyone? Wasn't able to go online much, internet there was fucking expensive. And what's up with this thing about Sanada? Something 'bout an accident with Atobe or something... Hey, Akaya, know anything? 

[ooc: Ah, yes, the self-proclaimed tensai is back for good~! He's practically clueless as to what his friends are up to now, since I think he's just able to send them sporadic e-mails when he was away... So please just fill him in~! He secretly missed everyone! ^^ And Kippei's free to unleash his hell of brotherly fury if he knew what happened between Marui and An~! ♥ ]
Been busy in the kitchen and school again. I've been trying to come up with pastries, with marshmallows as a main ingredient. Exams are coming fast again so dammit, I need to finish this by this week.

So far, I was able to create:
1.) Mashmallow Peach Pie made with fresh slices of peaches, cream and topped with raspberry jelly 
2.) Choco Overload Marshmallow Tarts, with crushed Oreo biscuits as base, chocolate-flavored marshmallows as the filling, sprinkled with nuts
3.) Scones laden with Honey Marshmallow Butter 

And now, I need another three persons to be my taste testers who can critique them for me. Like last time, I have a criteria:

1. Must not have any taste disorders.
2. Must have no qualms eating any kind of food... And I mean ANY.
3. IMPORTANT!  Must NOT have any FOOD ALLERGY of any kind.

Just comment on this post if you're interested.

PrivateCollapse )
Heh, totally jumping in the bandwagon...

Never found a truer meme result than this before~! Heh, good thing my lovely An-chan doesn't get scared of my "confidence and strong sense of self".

Anyway, being cooped up in my studies all of last week was hell. I think Yanagi would be proud of me to know I willngly picked up my books for once and actually read them for those tests. Heck, I don't usually need to study. My geniusness comes naturally out in my course, but man... my professors must've plotted together to throw all major exams and projects in one convinient week. They're evil, I tell ya.

Oh, and there's been a talk of a pastry contest scheduled for next month, theme: marshmallow. I'm so totally in for that. Gotta think up something special for it. Ah, but Sanada's birthday cake was a good practice too~! And you don't have to thank me for it, Sanada... You loved it, I know... but I'm already aware I'm awesome. v(^~^)v
We're back. Me and An-chan... and the rat with overgrown ears. Got more clothes and other things the twins got me to bring which are "really, really useful". I'm not sure how though, since all of 'em are a bit random. A flash light, one of their Gundam models, a magic 8 ball and a bunch of yarn... Weird.

Anyway... It was a good trip back home. I'm really glad Mom and the twins were safe during that earthquake. Seems it didn't hit as bad there as it did here.

But we got back a little too early and now I'm bored. I have nothing else to do from here on. Except tons of homework. Dammit, and I'm feeling really, really lazy to do them... Maybe I'll just sneak off to the kitchen labs. Been a while since I made anything with both of my hands working, and I gotta practice baking cakes. Hey Kikumaru, if you're not doing anything, come over and join in!

Ah, Zaizen-kun. Here's your Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. Sorry it took a while, been busy last week. Have fun baking~!

Melt-in-your-mouth Chocolate Chip CookiesCollapse )

Screened to Jackal, Niou and AkayaCollapse )

Oh, and this post is brought to you by the laptop charger An-chan brought me. Thanks a lot, An-chan~! ♥
Does anyone know of any good laundry service? I managed to recover some clothes and stuff from my room, but they're filthy. Lucky I still have some change of clothes in the gym locker. Just good for a week, though... I'll just have to head home this weekend to grab clothes and see how Mom and the twins are doing.

So, phone's gone. Along with homework and other school stuff. My recipe books... Such a shame, since some of those dates back to middle school. Laptop's safe, since I was using it when the 'quake started, so I just grabbed it along. Needs a new charger though... PSP's gone. Hm, what else? Oh, right. My beloved mini-fridge. I still have some cheesecake and ice cream in there... (T-T)

That reminds me... FINE, An-chan. Starting today, I won't have ANY sweets for afternoon snacks and turn veggie instead. That good enough? (`^´) Now stop being mad at me and give me a hug. I'll need lots of those after this needless sacrifice.

And Akaya, I'm going to kill you.

(ooc: strike deleted~)

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