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First Serving | Seconds?

Other than Mom complaining we made her a granny too early, all's good~! Even the twins are excited to be uncles... Even offered to share rooms again just to have a nursery at home. Awww~ sweet little monsters, those two. ♥ Sayuri-'kaasan and Yusuke-'tousan are amazing people, really. They gave me the time of the day to explain myself and stuff... They have nothing to worry 'bout though. I always keep my word when I'm being serious. So, life's good~

But that's just me.

Yukimura. Sanada. Yanagi. Yagyuu. Asshole. Aka-brat. Baldy. WHERE ARE YOU PEOPLE?

It's been like... forever since I saw/heard/felt/smelt some of you. What's up with you guys? If everyone's in town, I propose going out to the nearest yakiniku shop and having a yakiniku party~ like the old times!


The Three-Year Plan

Year 1

- Have An a safe pregnancy and deliver our kid safely. ♥
Note: Try to keep the dozen or so waiting uncles away from my women.

- Graduate from University
Note: Honors is optional. Because I'm a genius.

Year 2

- Apply as kitchen assistant either at: Mandarin Oriental Tokyo / Park Hyatt Tokyo / Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku Hotel / The Prince Park Tower Tokyo
Hotels near Hajime first. Anywhere else is bullshit. Remember the Sanada Bitch Slap of Doom: failure's not an option.

- Look for an apartment halfway between work and Hajime.
The closer to Hajime, the better.

Year 3

- Become Japan's best pastry chef.

That, but I'll settle for a promotion to a junior pastry chef. For now.

- Propose to An
Give her the most perfect wedding ever. ♥

....Might need a little tweaking over the years but it's good~ Heh, need to see Yanagi just in case I missed something or something.

[ooc: Private is easily accessible to Renji of course~! Marui'd come knocking sometime to talk about it to him anyway... ^^;  And I know we're missing Jackal and just lost Yagyuu? but this is Marui missing his 'other' brothers a little too much... ^^;]


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Oct. 22nd, 2009 11:38 pm (UTC)
I would not be adversed to such an outing. So I am for it, even if it is just myself and you in attendance. However, I doubt it will be, as I will get Genichirou to come along.

(private to Marui)
So far, your plan seems sound. However, and as much as we are both geniuses, we both know that it is not wise nto to plan for the worst case scenario. You will need a Plan B, and a Plan C, just in case. However much you may not want to. I can help with those plans. And for a five year and a ten year mark as well, if you wish.

I can also help you come up with a budget so that you can go to school and support An and your child upon whatever salary you make while still living a moderately civilized life. You will also need to start saving for your child's education and medical expences. I can help with that as well.

We also need to throw a baby shower when An gets far enough along. So that not all the burdon will fall upon you. Things like baby clothing and diapers and food can really add up. There is much to do, and less than nine months will go wuicker than you think.

You will also have to move up your apartment hunt. An can't live in the dorms with a new born. And childcare, if she wishes to return to school... Of course there's more, but I can compile a list for you when next we talk.

And one more thing...Can you make me some Senbei...I'm out...and I find that I like yours the most.
Oct. 25th, 2009 08:12 am (UTC)
Awesome~ I'll still try to bug the others to come!

[Private to Yanagi]

Man, I missed that much stuff, huh... Not good. Backup, eh? Got a messy drabble of notes here, but it's too troublesome to write them all down in this thing. I'll bring it ta ya later. Might be useful. And got drafts for the Five and Ten Year Plan too! Thought you'd ask me 'bout those, so I went ahead and made them. Still needs a lot of work though...

And... for helping me, you've just secured yourself a lifetime's supply of Genius Marui's Super Special Senbei, Yanagi~! ♥
Oct. 26th, 2009 12:52 am (UTC)
If not, I don't mind it just being us. While I hate to admit it...amoung my boyfriends...I am the one with the least amount of social life...something I am trying to remedy.

[private to Marui]

I'm afraid you did, if only because I know you do not wish to think pessimistically about it. You want only the positive, and well you should. I only want that for you as well. But it never hurts to have a back up plan or three, just in case Murphy decides that he finds your life enjoyable to dabble in.

I will look over them and give you the best advice I can. And I will also look forward to your future plans. And of course, the further out the predictions and the hypothesis, the more fuzzy and figurative they become. So, rough gestimates will do.

Think nothing of it, Marui. You are a friend, and I am honored that I can assist you.

Really...A lifetime supply... if you are trying to bribe the Future Prime Minister of Japan...you've succeeded.
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