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Nothing really changed that much, eh? Sanada's still a tightass, Aka-chan's still a whiny brat, Yanagi's still creepy, Jackal's still bald, Niou's still an asshole, Yagyuu's still as much fun as a library, and Yukimura's still the way he is. Heh, let's do that again some other time!

I gotta call the twins if they received their Children's Day cake from me. Too bad I won't get to see their faces though, since I finally made that cake they always wanted. Gundam cake. (^-^) Ah. Speaking of cake... Oi, Akutagawa. I'll have your cake ready in the afternoon. Oh, and happy birthday.

Hey, An-chan. Let's go out and watch the fireworks in that place tonight. I'll wait for you there. (^__~)

Apr. 27th, 2009

Oi, Niou. Your gift totally rocks. Where the hell did you get this? (≧∇≦) Thanks, man.

To the curious people, that thing's called an Egg Separator. A weird one, yeah. That's egg white oozing from its nose, while the yolk's left behind. Cool, huh? Perfect for making either custard stuff or icing and meringue~! ♪ But seeing as my wrist hasn't healed completely yet, I told Jackal to use it for me, and he came up with something awesome! Jackal, man. That custard's really, really good. We should name it the Holy Crown, or Crowning Glory or something. (^—^)

And it seems I'm going to meet An-chan's parents on Golden Week. For now though, because of the exams, she kept kicking me out... (T-T) So anyone wanna hang out or something? I suddenly got lots of free time in my hands. 

PrivateCollapse )

That pretty much sums up last night. ゚☆。.::・'゚★。.::・'゚☆。

The surprise birthday party, the gifts, THE FOOD... AWESOME. Thanks, you guys! ♪ Let's go out again tomorrow... my treat!

And then after akjs;lfaK'K'KSKF;AP[SDIF['SD

An-chan... that was probably the best birthday gift ever.

(ooc: he's had an awesome birthday, but feels a little guilty since he knows some of his friends are having a rough time, so he'll try hard them help out as he could this week. ^^ I'll be away much of this week, so feel free to do whatever with an extra helpful!Marui. ^^)

Apr. 13th, 2009

First off, to everyone who came and visited us, thanks a lot. ヾ(^∇^) It's fun to be able to spend time together again like that. Mom said you're all welcome to come by and stay anytime.

On the downside, other than feeling really bad for getting mad at the twins, I'm injured. So no real cooking for now... Even if I can still come up with decent meals (which are still better than most using both hands) with just my left. And yeah, work... I'll have to get back there, even after that face-punching incident. Well, An-chan's there too, so I'll have to go anyway.

Still going with Kikumaru later tonight though. Been a while since I went clubbing. ヘ(^ヘ^)(^ノ^)ノ ♪
Oh man, this is the first time I got to use the internet since I got home. Mom's a slave driver, and the twins are all over me... Heh, but I love them that way! (≧◇≦) I missed my family's craziness more than I thought.

Private to friends and anyone who gives a damn about my lifeCollapse )

I took some pictures of the general chaos here and I'd have posted them, but meh, it's too troublesome. Maybe some other time. Aaaaannnnddd, An-chan e-mailed.... she'll be arriving tomorrow. ( ". _ .) Damn, even if I'm really excited to see her again, that awkward feeling's back again... 

(ooc: strike deleted)
Going home for the break on Sunday~!  I miss the little runts too much. Spending time with them again for two weeks long will be so much fun.  And I'll get to save them from Mom's cooking temporarily too! (^~^) 

Aka-chan~! Sanada's treating us out to lunch, you, me, Jackal and Niou! HIS treat. V(^_____^)V

Hey, An-chan. Need help with the packing?

To my Rikkai folks!Collapse )

Mar. 20th, 2009

Okay, so except for yesterday, this week had been so freakin' awesome. My White Day (and the morning after)  was fantastic, thanks to An-chan (^__^). The weekdays rocked too! Went back to the hospital to find out Murakami-san recovered completely... got to eat Jackal's cuisine after a long time (Good stuff, man. You should really give that curry a name)... and I found out I can still obliterate Aka-chan in pool (Take that, brat!).

But yeah... yesterday happened, and it totally ruined whatever good vibes I had. There was this perv in the shop and he really pissed me off. And now, I won't get my pay 'cause of him. Dammit. And, sorry, An-chan. I know you're mad, but I so totally don't regret punching that guy's lecherous face. ...You'll still go out with me tomorrow, right?

To Rikkai peepsCollapse )
Finally, something slightly edible. It's soggy, lumpy and looks absolutely horrendous... but surprisingly edible. Huge improvement, that. Much better than that last time, perfect to look at, but tasted like mashed cardboard soaked in sugar water. Good job, young padawan. Now, spread the love. My taste buds don't deserve to suffer alone...

And with that over, I have the whole day free. Hey, Jackal! Wanna play a match for old time's sake? I was wondering if I can still get the Tsuna Watari and Techuu Ate past you. ...And I sort of want to ask you about something...

White Day's tomorrow. Looking forward to it~! (^~^)

(ooc: strike deleted)
First off, I gotta thank Echizen, Tachibana and Momoshiro. Thanks you guys, you really helped a lot. As Yanagi and Inui might say, I got good data. (^~^) Hope you enjoyed the free desserts as well.

So many things happened in the last four days~! Been busy at the kitchen, been snarked at by a certain tennis prince, skipped work like for a week now, got into several misunderstandings, got myself a "girlfriend" (^__~), and had to deal with a certain padawan of mine to produce something remotely edible from the crap he keeps making. Busy, busy week.

And hey, I'm throwing 'Mura-buchou a little dinner party on Daidaiiro common room later tonight. So unless Yukimura has a grudge on you or something (and I'm sure you people know who you are) and I have no idea who the heck you are, feel free to drop by and join the fun~!

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